Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome (again) to Feet to the Fire blog

This is the second iteration of this blog. The first was up and then down fairly quickly. I intended the first iteration of this blog as a sample of speeches that perhaps should be given -- sort of a ghost writer of speeches that aren't ever delivered. It was a fun idea, but one that required so much work for each post that it posed too high a barrier to posting. If I didn't have a couple of hours to write a post, the idea, no matter how good, didn't get written about.

I'm returning to this blog because 140 characters (Twitter) and the slightly longer but still inadequate Facebook size limit make it hard to express any idea that isn't already pretty obvious. Try to explain the importance of the federal debt limit in 140 characters and you'll quickly understand the problem. Stick with Twitter as a primary communication mode and we'll devolve from "Is our children learning" (Bush) to "is R cldrn lrng?".

My new approach will to default to posting an idea even if it is not fully developed or if I don't have time to fully draft and proofread. Ideas that aren't fully developed can be further developed in edits or even in comments by readers.